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It’s Time to Think Outside the (Condo) Box

Another condo community that is taking outdoor living spaces to new lengths and widths is Leaside Common at Bayview and Eglinton by Gairloch Developments. While most suites enjoy generously sized balconies to make outdoor entertaining comfortable and commodious, many units feature graciously sized terraces that take enjoying outdoors to new heights; both balconies and terraces also feature barbecue outlets and most have water bibs, a true rarity and exceptional thinking on Gairloch’s part in designing the most accommodating and flexible outdoor spaces possible. The community also features an expansive and luxuriously appointed outdoor terrace that can easily double as a party lounge while enhancing a safer entertainment space for residents and guests.

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Leaside gets it.
Where high design is commonplace,
Leaside Common is anything but.

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